Year 9 Subject List

Students have a greater range of choices within learning areas. Students commence their investigation of future pathways through Careers Days and within the Living and Values Program. All students study Religious Education, English and Health and Physical Education with their Homeroom group.

Students also study Mathematics with their homeroom group in semester one. In semester two, Mathematics is split into two streams: Extension and Mainstream. The Extension classes operate at a faster pace and include more depth in each topic. Students are allocated to a semester two Mathematics class based on their teachers’ observations and their results in semester one.

All students must study Science for the full year from one of the three streams available: Astro, Consumer or Enviro.

All students must study History for one semester. In addition they must choose either a semester of Geography or a semester of Economics.

Year 9 students continue their study of their chosen language for the full year.

One unit of Arts and one unit of Technologies must also be selected from the range available.

Year 9 Semester 1 & 2 subjects
Core Units – compulsory subjects
Religious Education English
Health and Physical Education Mathematics
History: The Making of the Modern World (1 semester only)
Year 9 Electives
The Arts (choose one subject only)
Drama: Comedy Visual Arts: Studio Arts – 2D
Music: Performance Visual Arts: Studio Arts – 3D
Music: Rock Band Visual Communication Design
Technologies (choose one subject only)
Digital: Be a Web Designer Food Technology: Food Safari
Design: Garment Constructions  
Geography/Economics (choose one subject only)
Geography: We’re in the World Economics: Money Makes the World Go Round
Languages (choose two units from the same language)
French 1 French 2
Indonesian 1 Indonesian 2
Italian 1 Italian 2
 Learning Enhancement (by invitation)
Science (choose two units from the same stream)
Astro Stream  1 Astro Stream  2
Consumer Stream  1 Consumer Stream  2
Enviro Stream  1 Enviro Stream  2
Upon invitation:
Learning Enhancement  


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