Year 10 English

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All students study English as a core subject.  The English curriculum is built around three interrelated strands of: Language, Literature and Literacy. Together the strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating.


  • Students engage with the various features of language that support meaning.
  • Students explore the ways in which choices about language features shape meaning in texts.
  • Students learn about the ways that language patterns contribute to the distinctive nature of the overall organisation and shape of a text.


  • Students engage with a variety of texts for enjoyment.
  • Students explore a range of text types including spoken, written and multimodal texts.
  • Students read and explore literary texts and use these as models for their own writing.
  • Students explore the ways in which vocabulary, text structures and language features impact on meaning.
  • Students comprehend and interpret texts in a range of ways.
  • Students understand how the selection of language features can be used for particular purposes and effects.

An examination is held at the end of each semester.


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