Year 10 Maths


All units of Mathematics cover a selection from the following strands:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability

Students are required to learn, practise and apply mathematical algorithms, routines and techniques.  The use of technology (CAS calculator and laptop) is incorporated into the course.  This allows the students to grasp a better understanding of skills and solve more complex questions.


Students use online programmes to revise prior knowledge and develop new skills.

Assessment is based on facts, skills, problem solving and application tasks.  There is continual assessment throughout the year with reports issued at mid year and the end of the year.  An examination is held at the end of each semester.

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Maths is an asset in a range of careers including commerce, health industries, finance, retail, engineering.

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Students choose one of the two courses listed below.

Course 1) Year 10 Mathematics (mainstream)

This course is recommended as preparation for Year 11 General Mathematics only. Students who wish to do Year 11 Mathematical Methods should instead choose Year 10 Mathematics A.
The Year 10 Mathematics course is a standard Mathematics course, which is designed for students to cover all content areas.  A focus of this course is to build students’ understanding of skills and concepts through a variety of techniques, such as solving problems both with and without the CAS calculator and undertaking investigations that include both routine and non-routine style questions.  Students develop their ability to solve problems independently and are guided in obtaining knowledge from a variety of sources.

Students engage in activities which develop:
•    knowledge of facts and technical skills
•    depth of conceptual understanding
•    ability to communicate using clear and precise mathematical language
•    ability to tackle non-routine problems in an organised and systematic way
•    ability to apply what has been learned to solve real life problems
•    ability to conduct investigations using mathematics
•    logical reasoning and understanding of proof at the appropriate level of sophistication
•    practical ability in measuring, estimating and making sensible use of calculators

Course 2) Year 10 Mathematics A

This course is recommended for students who wish to do Year 11 Mathematical Methods. Specialist Mathematics can also be studied in conjunction with Mathematical Methods.

Students who have studied Extension Mathematics in Year 9 can continue with this course and do the Year 10 Mathematics A course from the beginning of the year.  Students who did not do Extension Mathematics in Year 9 but who achieved high results may choose to do the Year 10 Mathematics A course.

The Year 10 Mathematics A course is designed for students requiring more challenging work, with a greater emphasis on worded problems and investigations.  To cover the content of this course students need to work at a faster pace and become more independent and proactive about obtaining knowledge from a variety of sources.  Students cover all the content of the Year 10 Mathematics course but concepts are explored in more depth and a greater emphasis is placed on analytical skills.  There are also a number of topics that only the Mathematics A students will explore.  It is highly recommended that students who study Mathematics A participate in the Australian Maths Competition.

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