Year 10 Health & Physical Education


The Health and Physical Education core programme at year 10, is an integrated programme where our students expand on their Health related knowledge, and continue to be involved in practical experiences that will provide them with advanced movement skills, performance appraisal techniques and leadership skills.

The year 10 style of learning is based on the inquiry process, where the students’ questions and ideas are at the centre of their learning experience.  Students research, question and collaborate with others in the class to study a variety of topics. Our programme focusses on developing an awareness of the individual’s responsibility in regards to both community health and their own emotional, physical and social health.  Innovative studies in areas such as fitness analysis, body system responses to exercise, nutrition, community and mental health enable them to develop related skills of inquiry, decision-making, communication and assertiveness.

Click here to see the website created by Year 10 students researching the National Health Priority Areas, a focus in the Community Health section of Year 10 Health & Physical Education.



at year 10

At the VCE level, the areas of Health Education and Physical Education become separate studies.  The Health and Human Development units focus on the health dimensions of the learning area and the Physical Education units look at the human movement and performance aspects.

At Avila, our year 10 students have the opportunity to study Units 1 & or 2 Health and Human development or Units 1 & or 2 Physical Education as part of the acceleration programme which may be undertaken in addition to Year 10 core studies in Health and Physical Education.

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