Year 10 Geography

Students can chose either ‘Where to from here?’ (a Year 10 Unit) or VCE ‘Unit 2 Geography’ at Year 10 if approved for acceleration.

VCE Geography Unit 2

Where to from here?

The first unit explores environmental change and management through the study of forests.  Sustainable use of forests is a worldwide challenge; different societies view their management depending on their perspective.  Human impact on forests can be positive or negative.

The second unit examines how our lifestyles and quality of life differ from other regions.  We investigate inequalities in human developments and welfare at different scales.  We attempt to explain how living conditions can be measured and explain why contrasts in living conditions can be so great between countries, within countries and between cities.  Strategies and management options to reduce inequalities are also considered.



  • Fieldwork is undertaken in a forest region in rural Victoria, relative to the proposed Great Forest National Park.


  •  Research Report
  •  Geographies of Well-being Analysis Tasks
  •  End of semester examination

Year 10 Geography is an excellent foundation for all VCE Geography units.

Students wanting to understand the world in which we live in would find this unit relevant.

Geography leads to careers in areas such as: Meteorology, National Parks, Forestry, Education, Cartography, Civil Aviation, Consultancy, Agriculture, Town Planning, Global Imaging Systems, Tourism and Recreation.

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