Year 10 History


Unit 1 Twentieth Century History, Classical Studies or Australian & Global Politics may be taken in Year 10 in lieu of Year 10 Core History by students who are approved for acceleration.

 The Modern World and Australia

In this course of study, students explore the history of the modern world and Australia from 1918 to the present, with an emphasis on Australia in its global context.  The twentieth century became a critical period in Australia’s social, cultural, economic and political development. The transformation of the modern world during a time of political turmoil, global conflict and international co-operation provides a necessary context for understanding Australia’s development, its place within the Asia-Pacific region, and its global standing. The history content at this year level involves two strands: Historical Knowledge and Historical  Concepts and Skills. Topics for study may include: World War II, the movement towards Aboriginal Rights and Freedoms and the impact of Globalisation.

Memorial to Australian soldiers who died in war.

Our Australia

This Humanities unit of study is offered by invitation to support the development of students’ literacy needs.  It is completed as alternative to mainstream History at Year 10.  Assessment tasks are designed to reflect students’ individual needs.

This subject explores Our Australia and investigates the Australian Identity, Australia and its place in Asia, Australia’s role in World War 2, the way in which we are governed and the rights and responsibilities of individuals within Australia.

There is a focus on exploring the interests of the student and there is no formal end of unit examination.

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