Year 10 Design & Technology

Student’s Perspective:

This year in Design Technology at Year 10 we took an interest in stretch materials and specific wools. We created patterns, mock-ups and shop quality designs. If you love to be hands on and very creative than I highly recommend Design Technology for you. I have had an outstanding time these past 2 Terms as I have enjoyed pattern making, designing garments and producing a high-end quality piece. This is a superior course for creative, hard working and talented students who have an interest in the fashion industry.  Stephanie Cooper 

Course Outline

This unit of work extends your skill set further and focusses on designing for and working with comfortable and versatile stretch/knitted materials.  This course provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a discerning, discriminating and independent thinker and understand the place of design and technology in society.  You will broaden your range of resources for inspiration and develop more varied ideas to make informed choices about the suitability of ideas for particular purposes and circumstances.  You will further develop critical awareness of design and technology from the perspectives of both consumer and designer. The highly regarded Wool4School Design competition gives you an opportunity to pitch your design skills against your peers across Australia.  It involves designing for an authentic design brief which changes every year.  Throughout the design process and after production, you will evaluate your work and record all steps and stages in a folio.

Yr 10 DT NYC mood board

Material choice is your responsibility.  The assessment items include a folio of work practices, research and production skills as well as a major finished item.  An examination will be held at the end of semester.

Yr 10 DT wool comp


Students will:

  • investigate aspects of design
  • explore the suitability of materials associated with production techniques
  • examine factors that relate to the product’s form, appearance and feel
  • develop skills using the sewing machine, overlocker and patterns to make a product
Yr 10 DT drawing designs


  • You will take on the role of the fashion designer, and each student’s design folio consists of creative presentation of research and a range of ideas as a response to a specific fashion scenario
  • Your design brief directs the development of creative design options
  • You will develop a practical understanding of the product development process and use a commercial pattern as a starting point for shape and fit
  • You will focus on stretch materials and explore processes and decorative techniques using dyes and print in order to produce an original fashion garment


  • A record of the design process/folio of work practices
  • Finished textiles item/garment
  • Examination
  • Research task


Year 10 Costumes CA
# Students studying Year 10 Design Technology may have the opportunity to assist with designing and producing costumes for the annual Creative Arts event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – “I did not study Design Technology at Year 9, can I still choose this in Year 10?”

A – “There are no pre-requisites for this subject at Year 10.”

Career Pathways

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