Year 10 Food Technology

This semester length unit offered at Year 10 focuses on Menu Planning and Food in a variety of contexts – nutritional requirements, special events and entertaining. The elective consists of six periods per fortnight, with at least three periods involving food production. It is recommended that students considering VET Hospitality and/or VCE Food Studies undertake this unit.

Year 10 Food Technology – The Menu


Students investigate influences on the development of menus including social, cultural and seasonal factors. Students also investigate ingredients and the techniques used in the production of menu items. A restaurant visit is included in this unit.


Students design a range of food items based on design brief situations taking into account dietary, festive and entertaining elements based on menu planning


Students produce their designs using a range of techniques. They work in small groups to prepare a range of menu items according to the time of day and the occasion.


A practical and theoretical examination is held for this unit of work at the completion of the course. Students also evaluate production work in a written format and orally, focusing on skill development and time management.

Future Career Opportunities that could stem from undertaking Food Technology could include: Home Economist/Teacher, Dietitian, Environmental Health Officer, Food Critic, Nutritionist, Food Technologist as well as many other career opportunities.

Skills developed in Food Technology provide students with excellent decision making skills and the ability to work through problems with clarity and sound understanding. The study of Home Economics provides:

– an academic discipline in the areas of research

– an arena for everyday living for individuals, families and communities

– as a curriculum area facilitating students to develop and discover how to use resources and making sound decisions

(adapted from: Creating Home Economics Future: The Next 100 Years. Pendergast D etal, 2012)

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