Year 10 Studio Arts


Art is a subject that provides the student an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving strategies and increases visual awareness and sensitivity to design.

A Visual Arts course is useful for careers in fields such as Graphic Design, Multi-Media Design, Advertising/Marketing, Illustration, Architecture, Drafting, Interior Design, Set Design, Fashion Design, Engineering Design, Landscape Design, Occupational Therapy, Gallery Curator, Exhibition Designer, Art Conservator, Arts Administration and a Fine Arts practitioner.

Visual Arts aims to encourage students to:

  • select an appropriate medium for individual expression of ideas and develop the skills and techniques necessary to express those ideas
  • understand the important role that art and design play in the formation and preservation of culture
  • develop an ability to interpret, analyse and compare different kinds of images and objects.

Studio Arts – Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

This semester unit encourages students to design and create original artworks devised from a range of stimuli.

Taylah Collins
Taylah Collins

The elements and principles of design are considered in the production of two and three dimensional works using a wide range of media selected for painting, drawing and printmaking topics.

The development of drawing skills is a focus in each unit, with a variety of techniques and materials explored.

Students research and discuss a range of historical and contemporary art styles, presenting informed responses in written and visual formats.

Tyana Arhondis
Tyana Arhondis

•    A folio of artwork
•    A record showing the development of ideas and evaluation of completed artwork
•    Written and visual responses to selected artwork
•    Examination

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Monique Di Mieri             Acrylic Painting






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