Educational Philosophy

At Avila College we believe that the finest education combines academic achievement together with spiritual development.

Benefits of an all Girls’ Education

Choosing to send your daughter to an all girls’ school provides her with so many opportunities, perhaps not found in a coeducational setting. Some of the benefits of a single sex education include:

  • Strong female leadership role modelling
  • No gender stereotyping
  • Increased access to subjects such as science and mathematics
  • Time in the classroom is spent on learning
  • Greater focus on study
  • Learning in a culture of achievement.

Most girls will benefit greatly from a single sex education, but it is also important that they develop a healthy rapport with boys. Girls understand boys because they have fathers and brothers and friends they see outside of school. At Avila girls also enjoy a range of activities with Mazenod Boys College including, debating, a musical production and Christian Reflection Days.

Working Together with Parents

At Avila we feel privileged when parents entrust their daughters to our care. We know it is important to work in partnership with families to achieve the best outcome for each student.

Regular contact, parent teacher interviews, and the online Parent Access Module (PAM) mean the lines of communication are always open. This helps to enable the School and families to ensure each student is supported to realise their full potential.

Spiritual Learning

As a Catholic school, Avila is responsible for nurturing Christian values within its students. Christianity is the very foundation of what we aspire to, not merely a component. Students are given many opportunities to learn from the teachings of the Church during their time at Avila, which will form the basis of a lifelong connection to Christ.

Our students and staff share a strong sense of Christian community, which is underpinned by the core values of respect, honesty, support, forgiveness, trust and justice.

These values are part of the everyday fabric of Avila. They are fundamental to the way we teach, relate to one another, and build relationships with the wider world. They are the basis of a constructive behavior policy, which reinforces a cohesive, caring Christian environment.

We are very much a family that works together, prays together, celebrates together and reaches out to others in the wider community. As a result, students enjoy a sense of belonging, which is treasured by many in adulthood and maintained through ongoing contact with the College, staff and the Alumni.

Our patroness, St Teresa of Avila, is an excellent role model in our mission to encourage students to be Christ-centered in their journey to adulthood. St Teresa is a source of inspiration to students and staff because of her deep commitment to prayer, her determination to better her world, and her vision of Christian community.

At Avila, our sense of community, and belonging, is strengthened and enriched by our liturgical and sacramental life through which we celebrate moments of joy and gain comfort in times of grief.

Our Religious Education Program nurtures faith and provides knowledge. Students are challenged to reflect on and explore their Christianity, both philosophically and actively, through the classroom program, Christian Reflection Days, and community-based projects.

A sense of community beyond the school environment is encouraged through a number of programs and extra curricular activities. At Avila, service to the community is an important aspect of living out our Christian values. All students are encouraged to support overseas mission work in the Philippines, India and Africa. At a local level students support Saint Vincent de Paul food drives in winter and at Christmas. From Years 9 to 12, opportunities are available for students to volunteer in service to organisations in their local communities.



A comprehensive curriculum

Each student has different interests and abilities and the comprehensive curriculum at Avila College caters for individual choice.

It features 44 subjects at VCE level, which allows students to choose subjects that are best for them. Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) are also offered at the School.


Professional educators

The dedicated and professional team of teachers at Avila College works with students throughout the year to get the best results. Teachers at Avila;

  • Continuously improve their knowledge and skills by regularly undertaking professional / learning in a broad range of forums
  • Often continue their studies, sometimes to the highest level
  • Utilise innovative teaching practices to engage with students to maximize their learning
  • Develop their students’ critical thinking skills
  • Understand the latest technology and apply it in their classrooms.

The qualifications and experience of teachers at Avila combined with a high level of commitment make them outstanding role models to the students.

At Avila College teachers willingly giving their time to sit with a student outside timetabled class-time to explain a concept, coach them in debating teams of an evening, applaud their performance in a musical production and cheer them when their sporting team competes to the best of their ability.

At Avila many teachers have a profound impact on their students life not just during their educational journey, but long after they have graduated.