VCE | Algorithmics


VCE Algorithmics| Units 3 + 4


Algorithms are everywhere! Google uses them to determine determines which pages you see first, the Health authorities use them to match kidney donors with recipients and banks use them to secure your account details.

In Algorithmics, you will learn what algorithms are and how they are used to solve problems.


Algorithmics Study Design

UNIT prerequisites

  • Year 11 students need to be doing Units 1,2 Methods

  • Year 12 students need to have passed Units 1,2 Methods


Unit 3 - Algorithmic Problem Solving

  1. Data modelling: You’ll learn to represent a problem graphically and using other means.

  2. Algorithm design: You will learn the basics of writing algorithms and computer programs

  3. Applied algorithms: You will put your knowledge to use and solve a real life problem.

Unit 4 - Principles of Algorithmics

  1. Formal algorithm analysis: We use mathematical tools to compare algorithms to see which are more efficient than others.

  2. Advanced algorithm design: We add advanced tools to our problem-solving skills

  3. Universality of computation: Did you know we can use DNA to write computer programs?


There will be a mixture of tests and problem-solving tasks. Unit 3 involves a project. In 2019, students imagined themselves being given a brand new car and worked out the best way to choose 3 of their friends and the shortest route to pick those up on the way to a Melbourne landmark. 


This course is particularly appropriate to students wishing to study Engineering, Computer Science or any research-intensive field such as biomed or physics.

Successful students earn a credit equivalent to 2 first year subjects for the following university courses: 

  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor or Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.

  • Any Bachelor degree with the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University

  • Bachelor of Computer Science(Professional) at Swinburne University

Students have also obtained credit in other courses and at other universities when they have applied for it.


Algorithmics is a Higher Education Scored Study. This means that it counts toward your ATAR like any other VCE subject. At the same time, it is a university level course.