Year 10 Religious Education


The Year 10 Religious Education program places an emphasis on living and understanding the place of our Catholic faith in the wider world.

Through the study and discussion of discipleship, decision making and social justice, students come to understand their role in society as young people with beliefs and values. The study of scripture from the Old and New Testaments gives students a greater insight into the sacred text of our tradition whilst the study of the Reformation allows students to explore the notion of challenge and change within the Catholic Church.

The Religious Education program is based on the Archdiocese of Melbourne’s guidelines and uses the text To Know, Worship and Love. Students study a range of units from the Content Strands of: Scripture and Jesus; Church and Community; God, Religion and Life; Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments; and Morality and Justice

Unit Assessment

A combination of research, group work, essays, reflections & document analysis