Year 10 | History

History at Year 10

Choose one History subject only.


Year 10 | The Modern World


In this course of study, students explore the history of the modern world and Australia from 1918 to the present, with an emphasis on Australia in its global context.

The twentieth century became a critical period in Australia’s social, cultural, economic and political development. The transformation of the modern world during a time of political turmoil, global conflict and international co-operation provides a necessary context for understanding Australia’s development, its place within the Asia-Pacific region, and its global standing.


  • Essay

  • Document Analysis

  • Research Task

  • Examination



Year 10 | Our Australia (Invitation only)


This unit is an alternative to mainstream History.

In this unit, students explore “Our Australia” and investigate the historical formation of the Australian Identity, Australia’s historical development from the 1900’s to the present and its place in the world.

Students also analyse the impact of war, migration and the movement of Aboriginal rights and freedoms and how they all contributed to the shaping of Australia's identity.


Assessments may include:

  • Timeline task

  • Film analysis and summary

  • Document Analysis

  • Reading Comprehension tests

  • Oral quiz

  • Note: There is no examination for this subject.



Students must receive approval to undertake VCE units. See the Year 9 Year Level Coordinator to find out more

  • A maximum of three VCE Units across two subject areas is permitted in Year 10

  • A single unit may be undertaken in a subject area