Year 9 Religious Education


Year 9 Religious Education has four main learning sequences that are designed to allow students the opportunity to encounter faith and church tradition within the classroom context.

  • Students explore and encounter the role of prayer in the Catholic Tradition, with a focus on Marian Devotion and the Stations of the Cross, in a unit that challenges them both spiritually and morally.

  • Students research the lives of women in the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures and complete an in depth study on the book of Ruth.

  • The Australian Catholic Church unit includes an inquiry project and an excursion into the City of Melbourne which explores the unique history of the church, shaped by Irish Catholic convicts and successive immigrants from around the world, and the role that it plays in society today.

  • Inspired by women such as Mary Mackillop, students investigate historical and contemporary women who have lived out the Beatitudes and carried on the work of discipleship begun by the women of the early Church.

Unit Assessment

Year 9 Religious Education involves many different forms formative and summative assessment.

The main assessment pieces include:

  • The Stations of the Cross Art Installations - Students are encouraged to apply the message of the Passion of Christ to a modern day context and, as year level, develop an "Avila Way of the Cross" for the community

  • An in-depth study of the book of Ruth

  • An inquiry based project into the history of the Australian Catholic Church and its impact on society; and the role of significant people in the church and the ripple effect of good and evil in the world.