Year 9 | Technologies



Year 9 | Food Safari


The purpose of this semester length unit is to study food through the cuisines of selected countries. The students examine a range of influences that affect food selection and identify foods linked to specific cultures.

In production classes there is an emphasis on interpersonal learning where co-operative group work is required. The students communicate with each other to complete set tasks safely and hygienically.

The students complete a range of investigations and production tasks with each topic.


Students are assessed independently and in teams when completing major design tasks which also incorporate research and investigation. They complete analysis and evaluation of their own and their partner's finished product.



Year 9 | Garment Construction


As well as a range of folio tasks, this Unit has a strong focus on improving and building on practical skills, including the use of the sewing machine, overlocker, and associated equipment.

You will learn about commercial patterns, fit and basic pattern adaptation techniques, as well as finishing techniques specific to each individual product. You will research, monitor and evaluate processes and make decisions about improvements to these.

You will develop and apply evaluation criteria that enable you to analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and materials choice, and recommend improvements. You will produce a folio that includes some design, planning, trials and journal keeping.


  • A design folio of both in-class and homework tasks that demonstrate creative and critical thinking.

  • Your production work assessment is based on your application to practical classes, the major finished item

  • Journal and evaluation



Year 9 | Web Design


In Web Design, you learn to make web sites using the latest industry standards. We start by making one simple webpage and then learn to make websites that adjust to the size of the device: Laptop, mobile phone, tablet. In the end, you create a website for a real business. You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

We also dedicate a couple of weeks to have fun with technology. One year, students made an Alexa APP that answers questions about Avila. We sometimes learn to make electronic music. There’s always a surprise ready for you in this class!

Here is what some past students thought of Year 9 Web Design.

Year 9 Comments.jpg





  • Basics of HTML and CSS, the languages used to make websites

  • Responsive web design: How to make sites look different on screens of different sizes

  • Interactive webpages: Programming in Javascript.


There are two assessments:

  1. A website created by you about a topic you like

  2. A website created with a friend for a real business


This subject stands by itself. However, you can further your digital skills in the following year by choosing Big Ideas in Computer Technologies.