Curriculum Overview

Avila offers a comprehensive and innovative curriculum designed to contribute to the intellectual, spiritual, physical development of students.

In the context of faith and Christian values the girls are empowered with essential knowledge, skills and capacities so they can achieve their best.

Rigorous and relevant learning opportunities allow students to explore and question significant ideas and develop new knowledge. Each student has her own MacBook, which provides flexible access to resources for learning within and beyond classrooms.

Four eighty-minute lessons are timetabled each day to allow enough time for students to engage in profound and powerful learning. Avila’s curriculum is designed to encourage students to engage critically in a multi-modal world.

Learning at Avila encompasses not just the prescribed subjects but issues of importance on a global level. It is important that the girls develop a deep understanding about themselves, those around them and the wider world. Powerful lessons are learnt from participation in social justice and immersion programs, which leads students to initiate authentic action for positive change.


Year 7

Year 7 students undertake studies with their homeroom group in Religious Education, English, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education and in two of the three foreign languages offered at the College. They also are introduced to specialist subjects such as Art, Music and Information Technology. More information →

Year 8

Year 8 students choose one language to study in both Years 8 and 9. Two new subjects are studied in Year 8: Food Technology and Design Technology (Textiles). Students participate in the weeklong City Experience, which develops their independence, initiative and confidence. They complete a research project in teams and this allows them to apply their learning in a real life context. More information →


Year 9

Year 9 students start to tailor their learning to suit their individual talents and interests. In addition to their chosen language (French, Italian or Indonesian) students continue to study Victorian Curriculum English, Math’s, Science and History but they can also select from a broad range of Arts, Technology and Humanities electives.

To provide greater opportunity to develop particular areas of interest students elect their preferred Science stream: Consumer, Enviro or Techno. Each Science stream includes all of the Aus VELS content with additional focus on a specialist strand within the course. More information →

Year 10

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